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  • Adobe Servers Hacked: 38 Million Accounts Wide Open  27/11/2018

    Did you recently buy an Adobe product? With their famous PDF software and Flash technology, a lot of people could have bought something from Adobe. Now, their information is in the hands of hackers and criminals.

  • Do You Trust Your VPN Provider?  26/11/2018

    So you got a USA VPN provider to make sure that your online activities are safe and secure. But are you sure that your own VPN provider does not eavesdrop on you and in the process defeat the very reason why you got the provider in the first place? Simply said, do you trust your VPN provider?

  • Protecting Your Emails with VPN to Avoid the Petraeus Fiasco  25/11/2018

    Admit it or not, you were one of the curious netizens who wanted a piece of the pie when the Petraeus Scandal came out. Most people hanged on for days just to get the juiciest and latest news on the Affair of the Year not just because they wanted to eavesdrop but because they wanted to confirm if their email secrets are vulnerable too.

  • Why Go for VPN in Russia?  24/11/2018

    Russian censorship of the internet may not be offical but don’t be fooled into thinking that it does not exist. Ask anyone who has been there and you will discover that some websites just cannot be accessed because they have  been blocked and restricted. A lot of internet users have tried a variety of tools to get pass the restriction to no avail.

  • Google Searches are Public, Unless You Use a VPN  20/11/2018

    With today’s Internet age, there’s always a big privacy risk. Being anonymous can be quite difficult as anything can be traced by using your IP address. We’ve just found out with the help of our research team something very important that everyone should know. Since almost everyone is using Google to search for just about anything, this is a very urgent matter. Did you know that your Google searches are public and can be associated with your IP address? This means what you look for online can be readily available to anyone who knows how to get that public information.

  • How to benefit from VPN  17/11/2018

    Wary of online eavesdroppers? Unless you are connected to a virtual private network or VPN, then you have to live with the insecurity of opening up your confidential files to other users when you are connected to the internet.

  • NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden Lands a Job in Russia  11/11/2018

    Snowden has been hired by a website in Russia after having granted asylum in the country. According to Snowden’s lawyer, the ex-NSA man will start working this November.

  • VPN for Torrenting  31/10/2018

    In the advent of the digital age, file sharing has been one of the main benefits of being online. That is why privacy has been a growing concern these days. However, since the anti-piracy law in the United States, or also known as 6 strikes, has been introduced, Internet users are more vigilant when it comes to file sharing. The anti-piracy law aims to catch BitTorrent users that are violating copyright laws for various types of media files.

  • VPN for Beginners  30/10/2018

    Would you like to be secure online? Completely and 100% secure? If your answer is “yes,” then you need a virtual private network.

  • Online Privacy with a VPN  29/10/2018


  • Online Piracy: Danger and Lawsuits  28/10/2018


  • Faceless VPN and OpenVPN: The Advantages of Open Source  23/10/2018

    Even though Microsoft tried to promote L2TP/IPsec as its own VPN protocol standards, OpenVPN is still the leader of the pack when you ask VPN providers.

  • VPN is Still Secure. Encryption Works  22/10/2018

    Over recent months there have been numerous revelations showing the extent to which the NSA and other national surveillance agencies are able to circumvent online privacy methods and encryption.  It came as no shock that the NSA had been decrypting data – that is the organization’s central purpose. What is more worrying, however, is the revelation that the NSA has exerted influence to introduce weaknesses when encryption standards are developed, and has covertly worked with commercial companies to exploit privacy vulnerabilities in their closed-source software.

  • Enjoy VoIP in the Middle East  09/10/2018

    With the Internet in our fingertips, we get to enjoy free services such as video streaming, emails, social media, etc. Because of VoIP, we can also enjoy free communication through the Internet. However, some countries believe that the information that comes in and out of their country needs to be fully monitored. This is why they blocked VoIP applications. Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia and UAE already blocked the use of all kinds of VoIP applications in their country.

  • Unblock Viber with a VPN Service  08/10/2018

    Thanks to the Internet, we now enjoy lower phone bills. With the use of famous instant messaging applications such as Viber, we can reach our loved ones anytime for free. These VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) applications has really made an impact in how we communicate with our friends and family.

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