How to benefit from VPN

Wary of online eavesdroppers? Unless you are connected to a virtual private network or VPN, then you have to live with the insecurity of opening up your confidential files to other users when you are connected to the internet.

For those unfamiliar with VPN, it basically helps you with two things:

  • Signal encryption
  • Masks IP address

If you are like most people who are hesitant to make use of VPN because they do not want their connection to slow down, then it’s time to check the many benefits that comes with this innovation. While it is true that connecting to a VPN can affect your internet connection speed, the advantage however far more outweigh the disadvantages:

Increased confidence when using wifi

Wireless Internet has become a way of life for most people who spend lunch breaks at Starbucks or other coffee shops to take advantage of its wireless internet. But while using the wifi of your friendly coffee shop makes your coffee more cost effective, browsing in public can be dangerous to your confidential data. Checking your favorite social networking sites or your email in a public place can lead to identity theft. After all, most public wifi sites are not encrypted so all your online activities can be seen by eavesdroppers. If you are concerned about protecting your financial and other data then a VPN connection should be a priority.

Easy access to US streaming content

If you want access to the latest movies and other streaming content from Netflix but just can’t access them because of your IP address then here’s one reason why you should get a VPN. Providers of streaming content are usually able to broadcast their content in the United States only due to copyright. As a result, these shows are blocked to users outside the US and that includes users from countries like Asia, Australia and even the United Kingdom among others. If you have a VPN, then you can mask your IP address and access the streaming content of Netflix and other providers.

Gain access to restricted sites

Can’t access Facebook or some other websites because they are restricted and have been blocked by your work location or your school? The restrictive use of the internet should be expected when using the connection of any of these institutions which usually follow a policy of acceptable use. However, there is no need to be subjected to such undue restrictions if you have VPN because it scrambles and encrypts your browsing that even the network administrator would not be able to see which websites you are viewing. While the policy on acceptable use should generally be followed, some schools and other workplaces impose undue censorships so if you feel that the policy is becoming oppressive then you can always take advantage of VPN.

The use of VPN can also be used to bypass the restrictions imposed by some countries that impose oppressive censorship. No need to live in constant insecurity for fear that government spies are monitoring the pages you are viewing.

Now, wouldn’t you be more confident browsing the web and knowing that all your online movements are encrypted and are thus concealed? Invest in one today and have the peace of mind every time you go online.

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