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What is Faceless.me VPN?

Did you know that some people are tracking what you do online? Your ISP, the Government, Google or someone with hacker skills may spy on your online activities. Faceless.Me is a VPN service provider that grants you online Privacy and Security. By using our best VPN service you get yourself behind the shield, where no one can spy on your online identity or steal your data.
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users trust their online identity
to Faceless.me
Anonymous web surfing

You get a camouflaged IP address

Government and authorities won't know where you are and where you travel to, what you say and do online and if they consider this legal or not.
Website owners won't be able to analyze you, feed you with targeted advertisements and sell your profile to third parties.

We encrypt all incoming and outgoing data

Whether you are at work, in a cafe or airport their servers won't log the sites you visited or the emails you've sent. All they get is a bunch of encrypted data.
Even your ISP is no longer aware of what you do online, since all the data that runs through their servers is now encrypted.
VPN network security

Any service or application gets protected

By saying that all data gets encrypted we not only mean your web browser. Any application, whether it's your banking client or an instant messenger is now secured from cyber criminals no matter where you are and no matter where you go to.

Have no fear of public Wi-Fi's and Hotspots

You may have heard how vulnerable your computer gets once connected to a public Wi-Fi network. With Faceless.me all the data that you exchange gets securely encrypted, so that no hacker can spy on what you do and sniff your passwords and credit cards.
Access region-locked content

Unblock region-restricted content

With our wide range of IPs from US and Europe you will never see the "not available in your region" error message no matter where you go to. With our VPN you can access IP-restricted sites, for example unblock YouTube and Facebook.

Get behind the firewall

Some countries will block specific websites or even filter the search result for unwanted terms. But with Faceless.me you have access toliterally anything as you're one step ahead of any firewall.
Download the installer
Install Faceless.me
Launch it & get protected

You're just a click away
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Rhonda Hurwitz
New York, US
"Just wanted to give a little shout-out to you guys, protecting everything I do online. With all those anti-piracy lawsuits and conspiracy theories around it's great to feel anonymous and secure!"
Hans Volkert
Stuttgart, Germany
"Excellent service to hide my location! I'm addicted to Netflix, but it's not available in many European countries. Yet that is not a problem for me now, for when Faceless.Me VPN is turned on Netflix thinks I'm in US!"
Andrew Dorsey
Ontario, Canada
"What I love about Faceless.me VPN? It just silently runs in the background so that I don't have to remind myself to turn it on every time I go to some public place with my notebook. I just love how convenient this is."
Joy Whitney
San Francisco, US
"It works! The free WiFi in my school doesn't allow to open Facebook on my phone. Little do they know \u2014 me and my friends are hanging out on Facebook all day thanks to the best VPN service provider Faceless.me!"

9 Short Facts About Faceless.Me

  • It's absolutely FREE and does not even require any registration!
  • You become totally anonymous online, since we give you a brand new IP.
  • Your ISP no longer knows what you do online, all your traffic is encrypted.
  • You can use Faceless.me with the following operating systems & devices:
  • You can see region-restricted content, as we have servers in all major countries.
  • You can easily browse sites that are blocked in your office.
  • IM and VoIP messengers will work anywhere too (and all the data is encrypted).
  • We're not keeping logs of your activity, so in case FBI asks - there's nothing.
  • You're safe when using public WiFi's and HotSpots, no one will be able to break into your system and sniff data.

Faceless.Me FREE Mobile Apps

For the owners of iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices we have developed iPhone iPad Android easy-to-use applications that will protect your data and maintain your anonymity no matter where you are and what you do.

Once you register a new account via your mobile device you will be credited with 1000 MB of free data eligible for 1 month.

You're just a click away
from unblocking your favourite sites!

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