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Enjoy privacy with a secure encrypted connection;
Hide your YouTube history from admins
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Access YouTube

YouTube is the world's largest video sharing website with tons of videos that people can watch and enjoy. It allows us to watch our favorite video content, including TV programs, movies, music videos and a lot more. With millions of videos being uploaded every month, it is really hard to think of a day in our life without YouTube.

As a school student you may be deprived of accessing YouTube because of stringent internet filters and firewalls. If you are annoyed of such situations, stop worrying about it anymore because there is a way to unblock YouTube at school and watch your favorite videos online. Faceless.Me provides you an anonymous, secured network to make your way to the blocked content on your school computers or personal devices accessing school networks.

Get Online Freedom with Faceless. ME

Faceless.Me is a reliable "virtual private network" (VPN) that believes in freedom, privacy and security when it comes to using internet. To support this cause, it offers you uncensored and uninterrupted access to any online content, irrespective of where you are or which device you use. Downloaded by hundreds of thousands of people across the globe each month, Faceless.Me lets you bypass filters and unblock YouTube at school with utmost freedom.
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How Faceless.Me works?

Faceless.Me creates an anonymous, untraceable connection between your device and the internet, and encrypts your browsing data on its high speed servers that are connected to YouTube and other online services. As a result, you can easily unblock YouTube at school, in addition to other blocked content, to enjoy internet with endless freedom. This way, you can keep your internet service provider (IPS) and your school administration as well as web spies and hackers at bay to maintain your privacy and security.

Added Benefits of Using Faceless.Me

While browsing encrypted data through Faceless.Me servers, you get

•   Access to literally all websites including those blocked by your school administrators or banned by the government of your country;
•   Security from your government agencies, school administration and anyone possibly monitoring your online activities;
•   Protection of your sensitive data like passwords, transaction details, instant messages and others, no matter which internet connection you use;
•   Freedom of internet surfing to the extent that even your search engines can't profile what you are doing online;
•   Download flexibility: you can run Faceless.Me on Windows, Mac, IPhone and Android.
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