Easy to Install & Use
It takes about 10 seconds to install on your computer and from then it works in the background (just like your antivirus) keeping your internet connection secure and anonymous.
Now you're safe even when browsing the internet from your favourite mobile devices. And don't worry, app doesn't take much computing power to protect you, so you won't even notice it.
Protection Against Your ISP
Your Internet Service Provider has a detailed history of all your online activities since all your data is travelling through their servers. But with Faceless.Me all your incoming and outgoing data gets encrypted and your ISP is no longer aware of what you do online.
Get Camouflaged IP Address
All your online activities will be hidden under a new IP address which cannot be traced. It will be impossible to find out your location and who you are.
We Don't Keep Logs
Unlike other VPN services we're not keeping any sensitive logs of your activity. Thus whenever government or some other authority is forcing us to report on you - there's simply nothing to report.
Secure Encrypted Channel encrypts all the data that goes in and out of your PC and mobile device. Whether you're sending private emails, filling out password and credit card fields on websites without "https://" in their URL - you're completely safe as Faceless.Me takes care of it.
Protection For Hotspot Surfers
Once you connect to a public Wi-Fi hotspot anyone who has a basic hacker script can get access to your PC and steal your data. Faceless.Me makes it almost impossible to hack into your system as all your data transfers are encrypted.
Securely Verify Your Finances
If you have a bank account that you manage online, make sure you use protection. Otherwise there is a significant risk your valuable information may be intercepted, and someone will be able to access your money. We provide supreme protection against any of such attempts, so you can sleep well at night knowing your money is safe.
Unblock All Websites
If you're on a school or work computer and want to get access to Gmail, Facebook or any gaming websites that are blocked - not only will let you do this, but it will also hide your browsing history from local admins.
We have servers in US and many european countries so no matter where you are you can pretend to be in a different location and get access to content that is specific for this region. Similarly you can easily bypass any known internet filters & firewalls no matter what country you're in.
Unblock VOIP Applications
With you can use Skype and any other VOIP applications without restrictions no matter where you are. If you have to make a call from your hotel room but don't want anyone to know where you are staying, will make that phone call impossible to track.
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