You may request for cancellation of subscription and for payment refund to your account that is possible only if the refunded amount does not exceed the initial payment amount.

You shall submit a cancellation request by emailing to [email protected]. A cancellation request shall contain the following information at least:
- your full name;
- your residential address;
- your e-mail address, contact phone number (-s);
- your account number (-s); and
- initial payment amount, date of payment, used payment method (bank transfer, credit/ debit cards, electronic payment systems and etc.), and payment identification number (if any).

All the information in a cancellation request that you submit to us shall be identical to that originally submitted in the initial payment.

All cancellation requests submitted by you to be dealt with by us on the following terms and conditions:
- all cancellation requests shall be for the genuine and acceptable reason (acceptability to be determined by us at our discretion);
- we immediately on receipt of your cancellation request, send it to our payment agent (including those overseas) to cancel the transaction, mark a stop payment and arrange to refund/credit the amount of remittance in your account with them, provided the transaction is still unpaid in their record;
- the refund only be paid to you in your account on confirmation from the payment agent that, the transaction is still unpaid, marked the cancellation/stop payment instructions and the refund of clear funds in your account;
- we initiate the cancellation process immediately upon receipt of a cancellation request. However, please take into consideration that to collect back the refund amount of canceled transaction may take up to 30 days or exceptionally more;
- any charges deducted by the payment agent to be recovered from the refund amount; and
- any loss or expense, if suffered or incurred by us due to adverse exchange rate fluctuation is also to be recovered from the refund amount.