Why us?

We provide our customers with a choice of server options designed for any website.

For beginners who have small projects we provide a virtual hosting service, for advanced or specific clients we can provide solutions based on virtual servers, and for professionals we can offer a set of dedicated servers in various geographical locations.

Choose the right solution for your business
  • Virtual hosting

    The main advantage of a virtual hosting is a completely customizable system for websites. A user can get all the instruments that may be necessary for setting up a website. All of them are presented in a convenient and intuitive control panel. Setting up scripts and websites is not difficult even for the very beginner web masters.

  • VPS-Server

    A virtual server is a stand-alone operating system that is not connected to a head system. There are may be several virtual servers within a single physical server. The virtualization system allocates the required system resources for each of them. Every client receives a cheap but at the same time productive and reliable solution.

  • Dedicated Server

    A dedicated server is a very good solution for small business, private clients, gaming servers, business applications or other resources that have big numbers of visitors. Get maximum performance with your own customized equipment.

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Our Advantages

Huge experience in search and implementation of large-scale and high-tech solutions for all types of Internet business.

  • Secure data storage

    Prompt centralized system for installation of important and critical security updates.

  • 24/7/365 Support

    Round the clock fast and responsive premium class technical support.

  • Dedicated IP address

    A dedicated IP address will allow you to use such hosting features as SSL certificates.

  • Rapid upgrades

    You can upgrade your plan at any time without interruptions in work of your websites.

Solutions for Internet-Business

Huge experience in search and implementation of large-scale and high-tech solutions for all types of Internet business.

  • Administration

    Installation/setup/OS upgrade, fixing bugs in scripts, search problem areas, building up complicated data storage systems and solving other problems that may rise up.

  • Backups

    We offer backup services to improve the reliability and keep your projects safe. Please contact technical support for assistance and advice.

  • DOS/DDOS attacks protection

    By virtue of our experience, we can successfully defend against such attacks. Our system can filter all existing at this moment types of DDOS attacks at the network, transport and session levels.

Faceless.me VPS it's:

  • Own sites
  • High tech equipment
  • Technicall stuff
  • Individual approach
  • Solutions for any business

Join us and we will setup your server today!

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