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How does data theft occur?

Theft of data happens at many different levels online. First of all, your data can be harvested by hacking into your social network and email accounts using brute force. Second, data of yours can be phished with emails that seem to be from actual sources. Finally, data can be stolen by eavesdropping or wiretapping through your internet, both possible with wired and wireless connections.

Software such as Ethereal and Wireshark provide virtual criminals access to traffic through your internet, wired and wireless. These pieces of software are free, and readily available for anyone, and useable with minimal knowledge of the computer.

How do I protect my data?

Protection of your data can be possible using multiple different methods. Firstly, you should always choose complex and secure passwords, and you should never share account credentials with strangers. It is simple to effectively secure your email and social networks accounts.

Second, you should always double check the URL when you receive emails from businesses. Authenticate the sender every time to avoid voluntarily handing over your credentials to phishers. Finally, you should purchase a VPN to encrypt your traffic to prevent criminals from hijacking your account details. All of your traffic should be encrypted using a service like Faceless.Me, which is powered by OpenVPN SSL and PPTP.
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Surf Anonymously and Enjoy Maximum Security

Unlike proxy services that give you only access to censored content without securing your identity, Faceless.Me assures you of complete security when it comes to surfing restricted content, particularly in countries and locations where such activities may probably land you in some serious difficulty. Faceless.Me not only protects your IP address but also encrypts your "searched data" so that you can unblock blocked sites while keeping away from snoopers.

Generally, ISPs and search engines keep the record of each and every web activity of their users, be it their personal messages, downloads, passwords, transaction details, or the websites they visit, thus constantly keeping prying eyes on them. Faceless.Me offers you an off-shore IP address and gives you the freedom to surf online with complete anonymity and security. This way, you can stay assured about the protection of your sensitive personal or business data.

Faceless.Me is available for download on Windows, Mac, Android and iPhones. Currently, there are two versions of one, free advertising-supported VPN; two, a premium version that offers super excellent internet access and security.
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