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The majority of Android users regularly access the web via Wi-Fi hotspots in public places. But few realize that the emails, instant messages, and pretty much everything else they send is unencrypted. A plain-text version of what you’re sending can be read by anyone with the aid of a few free and easily-available bits of software. If you value your privacy this should concern you. The good news is you can protect yourself when using your Android phone or tablet by using an Android VPN connection.

Why use a VPN for Android?

Using a VPN offers many benefits: encrypt network traffic automatically, visit any site by lifting restrictions, and stay anonymous. A VPN lets you override your government’s restrictions on accessing content, and hides yourself from their logging and monitoring. If you believe in freedom and privacy online, Faceless.me VPN is your ally. In contrast to an ISP, we will never log or track your online activities.
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Secure and Anonymous Internet

Every visit to a website leaves behind a trail: your IP address is recorded, exposing your identity to others. This information can be exploited by hackers trying to steal your identity or gain access to your accounts. Faceless VPN gives you a different IP address, allowing you to maintain anonymity and keep your identity secret.

Encrypt your data

With our Android VPN, all of your data and online activity will be encrypted and transferred to and from your device through a secure virtual tunnel. This virtual tunnel acts as a shield to protect your Android phone or tablet, giving you a secure internet connection via a third party. You might assume this would slow down the connection, but the process of encryption only takes a few milliseconds – you won’t notice the difference. In fact, international websites often load more quickly when using a VPN.

Works with Wi-Fi and when you travel

Connecting to the unsecured wireless connections at places such as hotels or Wi-Fi hotspots puts your personal details at risk. Private emails and even passwords could be available for hackers to see. If you travel or use public Wi-Fi hotspots frequently, Faceless.me VPN for Android is the perfect solution for you. Faceless.me VPN lets you encrypt your data and ensure online security, no matter where you are in the world.
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