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In response to the growing popularity of iPads, most companies offering VPN services have modified their software to make it better suited for use on an iPad. If you go into a café offering Wi-Fi access you’ll often see more people using iPads than MacBooks or laptops. Lots of generic VPNs claim to work well on iOS, but if you want to use a VPN on your iPad it’s much better to find one specifically developed with the iPad in mind.
Do you use your iPad to access the internet in public places and Wi-Fi hotspots? Are you worried about privacy when accessing files remotely on your travels? Are you alarmed by the fact that emails, instant messages, and any data not using SSL encryption can be read and decrypted easily using free software? If the answer is ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then you need to set up a VPN connection on your iPad!
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VPN stands for ‘Virtual Private Network’. What this essentially means is a network where you access the internet on your own machine but via another internet connection. Instead of giving you control of a different computer remotely, a VPN creates a secure and encrypted tunnel between your own iPad and our servers, meaning you can surf the web as normal and use apps natively. A VPN lets you use all of your iPad’s features, but with an anonymous and secure connection. Whether you’re connecting in a café, airport, or at home with your own Wi-Fi, your connection will be encrypted and secure.
There are two core elements to our iPad VPN. First, there’s the back-end server component running on our own servers. Second – the part that concerns you – is a free and easy-to-use iPad App that you can download from the App Store. Once you’ve installed it on your device and entered the details we provide you on purchasing access to the VPN through our website, the VPN will connect for the first time and notify you that your connection is now secure.
With a cellular-enabled iPad, you can connect securely with a VPN just about anywhere in the world. Whether you’re using standard Wi-Fi or a cellular connection, our VPN will completely encrypt and secure your data. You can’t afford to be without this if you’re using untrusted Wi-Fi hotspots; anybody could be listening in on your online activities. Faceless.me VPN encrypts all your traffic – both incoming and outgoing – keeping you secure and anonymous.

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