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There’s a common misconception that phones are immune from the attacks of hackers or malware. But if you use your iPhone or iPad through public Wi-Fi hotspots or over cellular  networks you are at risk of many security threats. Hackers routinely scan these networks looking for unencrypted data that can be captured while is transferred. Credit card details and other sensitive data can be revealed to hackers when using unsecured networks.
Faceless.me VPN for iPhone’s encrypted tunnel protects your data at both ends of transmission. Hackers hoping to steal your personal data while you use your iPad or iPhone at public Wi-Fi hotspots will find their attempts foiled by our VPN service. We’ll also protect your iPhone or iPad from the many serious malware threats affecting these devices: We currently protect our users from more than 3.5 million malware threats!
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Benefits of Using Faceless.me VPN

As well as offering vastly improved security, Faceless.me will also give you the following benefits:

•   Reduce your phone bill
The cost of bandwidth keeps rising as cellular companies increase prices. Our VPN service will protect you from rising data charges by compressing data through our secure servers. This means you can get double the amount of content while paying for the same amount of bandwidth. If you stream a lot of video content, or travel in countries with high data charges like Switzerland or Japan, this can result in considerable savings. Faceless.me has a feature built in to the application that lets you see how much data you save each time you use the internet.

•   Unblock restricted websites
Location-based blocking often prevents users with foreign IP addresses from accessing websites, especially video and music services. With Faceless.me VPN for iPhone you can get around IP address country blocking. Whether you’re in Asia, Europe, or America, you can access websites and content from any country.

•   Use a speedy and stable VPN connection on your iPad or iPhone
Since we own the software, hardware, and networks that make up Faceless.me, we can provide the most stable and fast VPN connection available for iPad, iPhone, and iTouch. Faceless.me isn’t dependant on any third parties for its operation, so you can always be confident of a receiving consistent and dependable VPN service.

So what are you waiting for? Get Faceless.me VPN for your iPhone now!

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