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Why should I protect my identity?

Online criminals who “phish” for data, thieves, hackers, and snoopers are always attempting to harvest your identification credentials to steal your identity. They use this information for many things, such as steal personal photos, data, and money in your bank account. These activities are become more and more prominent as the economy forces individuals lacking money to engage.

A great safeguard for identity protections prevents these situations from happening to you. With an extra layer of security, you can effectively protect your identity. Many services are already offering services like this, however they only help after your identity was stolen. Faceless.Me uses technology to keep you safe every step of the way, and keeps a disaster from happening.

How do I hide my identity?

Faceless.Me is offering never before seen, state of the art technology which helps protect you from being exposed online. Use it on the go, or while you are stationary. Have the feeling of safeness you deserve.
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Surf Anonymously and Enjoy Maximum Security

Unlike proxy services that give you only access to censored content without securing your identity, Faceless.Me assures you of complete security when it comes to surfing restricted content, particularly in countries and locations where such activities may probably land you in some serious difficulty. Faceless.Me not only protects your IP address but also encrypts your "searched data" so that you can unblock blocked sites while keeping away from snoopers.

Generally, ISPs and search engines keep the record of each and every web activity of their users, be it their personal messages, downloads, passwords, transaction details, or the websites they visit, thus constantly keeping prying eyes on them. Faceless.Me offers you an off-shore IP address and gives you the freedom to surf online with complete anonymity and security. This way, you can stay assured about the protection of your sensitive personal or business data.

Faceless.Me is available for download on Windows, Mac, Android and iPhones. Currently, there are two versions of one, free advertising-supported VPN; two, a premium version that offers super excellent internet access and security.
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