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Can't Bear with Blocked Facebook at School?

As a student, you may have observed that everyone constantly tells you to abide by your school rules. You follow the directions of your parents and teachers about what you ought to do, what you must wear and even what you should eat at school. You can be excused for thinking you are in a prison facility. However, when you see your most favorite website, Facebook blocked on your school computers, you are most likely to blow your top.

Here is the Solution

Since you have the right to access free and uncensored internet regardless of who and where you are, there should a way out to help you unblock Facebook at school. Faceless.Me realizes this and lets you enjoy accessing your desired website while bypassing stringent internet filters set by your school administration. It provides you with a VPN (virtual private network) coupled with an off-shore IP address so that you can use Facebook on your school computers, with strong security and boundless freedom.
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How Faceless.Me Works for You?

By default, your internet service provider (ISP) assigns you a unique IP address and links it with his server. He can track your activities through your IP address. Sometimes, he puts some filter to block your access to particular content, let's say Facebook. If you face the same situation, using Faceless.Me can let you bypass such filters and unblock Facebook at school to enjoy completely private and well-secured internet browsing experience.

Faceless.Me offers you an anonymous, unidentifiable and well-protected IP address connected with its high-speed servers. Now instead of browsing internet from your ISP's servers, you can surf literally any website by receiving the encrypted data coming from Faceless.Me's servers. As a result, not only your ISP, school administrators and web-spies but also the websites you visit are unable to keep track of your web activity.

Additional Benefits

Faceless.Me not only helps you unblock Facebook at school but enables you to enjoy watching YouTube videos, playing online games and checking your Gmail account as well.

Faceless.Me works flawlessly and efficiently on both wired and public or private wireless connections. Currently, it can be downloaded for Windows, iPhone, Mac and Android.
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