Faceless VPN and OpenVPN: The Advantages of Open Source

Even though Microsoft tried to promote L2TP/IPsec as its own VPN protocol standards, OpenVPN is still the leader of the pack when you ask VPN providers.

Here are the reasons why:

  1. Open Source – Unlike a proprietary one, open source technology lets providers play around with it and tweak it as much as they like. They can come up with their own VPN clients and make use of various encryption methods. In other words, there is flexibility in OpenVPN.
  2. It’s Free – You don’t have to pay for anything when you make use of any free open source clients. These are available for most platforms. However, OpenVPN is not limited to any platform, unlike PPTP and L2TP.
  3. SSL Protocols – OpenVPN makes use of the OpenSSL library along with the SSLv3/TLSv1 protocols. Because of this, OpenVPN can be set to operate through any port. The standard port for SSL via HTTP connection is the TCP port 443. This method is currently being used by email client and browsers to connect securely for online services such as Gmail. This is why it would be harder to detect that a VPN is currently in play. It’s also a way to effectively avoid firewalls. However, if your connection is being blocked, it’s advisable to run it through a UDP port.
  4. Encryption algorithms – There’s a number of encryption algorithms that can be configured to OpenVPN.

Aside from the reasons above, OpenVPN also makes use various internal security methods:

  1. Making use of Userspace – Running in IP stack is not necessary.
  2. Dropping root privileges.
  3. Mlockall Security – This helps in protecting sensitive data on the disk.
  4. Both Chroot jail and SELinux context can be applied after startup.

Almost all VPN companies recognize OpenVPN as the standard protocol. However, they are still things to consider in order to identify the cream of the crop. Surely, the customers would want a VPN provider that does not have any activity log that monitors their web usage. This is number one on their list. Aside from that, the security measures in place as well as the encryption level only matter to a select group of people. However, our satisfied customers prove that we are the best VPN service provider that runs on OpenVPN.

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