Adobe Servers Hacked: 38 Million Accounts Wide Open

Did you recently buy an Adobe product? With their famous PDF software and Flash technology, a lot of people could have bought something from Adobe. Now, their information is in the hands of hackers and criminals.

Adobe spokesperson, Heather Edell, confirmed that there has been a security leak in their servers last October 3. The first attack went down weeks prior the announcement. The hackers were able to obtain sensitive data from 3 million users. The data include the all important credit card information, login details and credentials, and even the product licenses that they bought. They were doing this quietly and that’s why 3 million accounts were compromised from the first hack.

According to Edell, the attackers have now gained access to up to 38 million users worldwide. Their Adobe ID and passwords were compromised. That’s why they have taken the necessary steps to counter this matter. They have informed all hacked accounts through email notification and they have provided them with a new encrypted password. The question now is which accounts are still active or not. Nevertheless, they reset all the accounts involved in the attack just to be sure.

Aside from the personal account information that was taken from the servers, Adobe is also in risk of having their programs copied worldwide. Their products were also exposed from the attack. Important source codes from their famous programs such as Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader. There’s also this web application called ColdFusion. Aside from that, their flagship application, Adobe Photoshop, could also be compromised and could easily be imitated by other software companies.

Just so you know, the source code for a program is like the bone of the program and it tells you how the program works and how it behaves. If hackers gained access to the source codes of Adobe programs, they can sell it to the highest bidder, which probably are rival companies of Adobe. By doing so, they can imitate and copy the features of all the Adobe products. This is certainly bad news for Adobe.

Just to be on the safe side, if you bought an Adobe product even for just once, you should reset your account information. Change your password and even your email if you can. Use a different email for your account to be on the safe side. Adobe says that their leak has been secured, but we can never say if another backdoor might be opened by the hackers. If you can inform your credit card companies about this matter, they can watch your account for any suspicious behavior.

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