Protecting Your Emails with VPN to Avoid the Petraeus Fiasco

Admit it or not, you were one of the curious netizens who wanted a piece of the pie when the Petraeus Scandal came out. Most people hanged on for days just to get the juiciest and latest news on the Affair of the Year not just because they wanted to eavesdrop but because they wanted to confirm if their email secrets are vulnerable too.

The Petraeus Affair would have never been revealed to the world had it not been for the complacency of the people involved in the scandal about their online activities. It was hard to believe it at first knowing that Petraeus was not only one of the world’s most powerful men but he was also the keeper of some of the United States’ greatest secrets. How can such man be so gullible to internet insecurity?

But while the incident has exposed Petraeus’ illicit affair, it has nevertheless given all of us an early warning and has forced each one of us to ask ourselves about the security and privacy of our internet connections. For sure, a lot of those who frequent the coffee shops not only to drink their favorite brews but also to access the free wireless internet are already feeling the jitters.

Well, there are many factors that led to Petraeus stepping down from office after his illicit affair with Paula Broadwell was discovered. However, no one can deny that what gave them away was the ever-reliable Gmail. And if you are using the same email or some other platforms then you may already be thinking twice about continuing such use.

Emails keep us connected with our personal and business contacts so it is hard to do away with that connectivity. However, there are ways to keep your emails secured and private. All your online activities are linked and the giveaway will always be your IP address. Since there is an IP address connected to every email address, then the best thing you can do is to mask your IP address by getting a VPN provider.

Choose a VPN provider that will keep your IP address secure and as private as possible. And to maximize your security, make sure you do not log in to your email without using your VPN. This can take a little time every time you have to log in to your email but your effort will pay off in the long run.

You will be surprised to know that there are VPN providers like Faceless.me that offer very affordable and sometimes even free service. Choose a provider that will give you guaranteed internet your own ISP would not even be aware of what you are doing online. Keep your online activities secured whether it’s your email or the sites you are browsing. With the internet already part and parcel of daily life, wouldn’t it be great to finally get the peace of mind you deserve, even if you go online all day, whether in the comforts of your home or in your favorite coffee shop?

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