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  • Save on Skype Fees by Using a VPN  07/10/2018

    For people who live overseas, the Internet is a big blessing. Because of the Internet, it’s much easier and faster to communicate with our family and friends abroad. It’s also cheaper. Aside from that, the Internet also allows us to check our bank statements and other financial records online. No need to spend long hours on the phone just to inquire. Also, if you love watching movies and TV shows, the Internet allows you to watch them in your local language.

  • Google Voice Outside US with VPN  02/10/2018

    In today’s information age, people are connected on a global scale. With the advent of ICTs, working with international partners is a breeze. Staying in touch with your loved ones has never been this easy. There are many ways to connect to other people across the globe. If you are working with people in the United States or you have loved ones living there, we have discovered probably one of the best ways to communicate with them.

  • Using a VPN or Proxy to Hide Your Identity on BitTorrent  28/09/2018

    Unless you’re taking measures to hide your personal identity when using torrent clients, you’re playing a dangerous game. Torrent clients don’t hide their users’ identities, so anyone can find out what you’re doing. There is a way you can achieve anonymity, however, by using a VPN or proxy.  These two common methods for protecting your personal identity have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. Let’s explore the different pros and cons of both methods.

  • How to Find a Secure VPN Provider  25/09/2018

    One troubling fact about many VPN providers is that they are based in countries that force them by law to have low standards regarding the security of their customers’ data. This seriously undermines any claim to be offering real privacy and security.

  • OpenVPN or PPTP VPN: Which Is the Best?  20/09/2018

    Many people ask us: “Which is the best choice, OpenVPN or PPTP VPN?

    One advantage of OpenVPN is that it tends to work in locations where PPTP VPN accounts have been blocked. PPTP VPN services have previously been blocked in places such as China and the Middle East (including the UAE, Oman and Dubai). Despite this, some of our customers experience no problems accessing our PPTP VPN services; accessibility depends on the ISP. There’s no harm in trying PPTP first – you can always upgrade to our OpenVPN SSL service if you can’t connect with PPTP VPN. If you suspect you are being blocked you should contact our customer support, as often the problem can be fixed by changing a few of your computer’s settings. With our help desk open 24 hours we can help to solve any problems you may have.

  • VPN for Android, a Necessity  19/09/2018

    Your Android device can now enjoy the benefits of our famous VPN client. Similar to the desktop release, VPN for Android can also give you identity and privacy protection, blocked site access, and anonymity to any site you visit.

  • Netherlands VPN  18/09/2018

    Today the Netherlands is home to several of the world’s most impressive data centers. Dutch data centers benefit from a strong internet infrastructure, with top quality cabling linking the country to the rest of the world. Thanks to the specialized VPN services offered by Amsterdam facilities, the Netherlands offers end users an internet experience unrivalled in security and privacy.

  • Using a VPN on Your Mac  13/09/2018

    There is a common misconception that Mac users do not need to worry about installing security software, as Macs are assumed to be less prone to attack than PCs. The recent infection of half a million computers by the Mac Flash Trojan showed the danger in making this assumption. Even if Macs are more secure than PCs, any computer that accesses the internet is put at risk. Faceless VPN for Mac offers a powerful privacy and security solution to protect your Mac computer. By encrypting both received and sent data, VPN for Mac secures your important personal information: banking and credit card data, instant messages, passwords, and downloads. By arming your Mac with Faceless VPN, hackers will be unable to spy on or intercept your online activities.

  • VPN for iPhone  13/09/2018

    When you connect to a public Wi-Fi network with your iPhone, you are probably not aware that your personal information is unsafe.  Additionally, you leave your iPhone open to contracting viruses and other malware infections that will in turn affect its functionality and longevity. Internet security should not be limited to your home and office computers only, but should extend to your mobile phone as well. To protect yourself and your identity, you can simply utilize a VPN for your iPhone to keep all your sensitive information secure. VPNs make use of certain security procedures to ensure that your information is encrypted, authenticated, and tamper free. You will also have increased browsing speed and gain access to certain websites and contents that were otherwise unavailable.

  • Does a VPN Decrease My Download Speed?  13/09/2018

    In today’s digital age, our Internet download speed has rapidly increased. Many countries benefit from connection speeds that can download megabytes per second. However, in order to have a secure connection online, having a VPN might be a good idea. The question that comes up now is how will it affect our Internet connection speed?

  • Common Dangers of Public Proxy Servers  31/08/2018

    Many people at one point will search on the internet for tips and tricks on how to surf the web securely or unblock websites. Nowadays, an ginormous amount of people are recommending ‘open proxy servers’, ‘free VPNs’, and ‘free proxy servers’. Things like this may function, and be free in the beginning. However in the end, these types of deals end up costing you a bunch of cash. This can happen in many more ways than ever imagined.

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