Netherlands VPN

Today the Netherlands is home to several of the world’s most impressive data centers. Dutch data centers benefit from a strong internet infrastructure, with top quality cabling linking the country to the rest of the world. Thanks to the specialized VPN services offered by Amsterdam facilities, the Netherlands offers end users an internet experience unrivalled in security and privacy.

Well known for its liberal attitudes to copyright as well as its lack of internet restrictions, the Netherlands is an attractive country for VPN users. The country has no online filtering or censorship laws, making the country ideal for users of VPNs.

Faceless.me provides VPN servers in the Netherlands

Using the Netherlands as the base for your VPN gives you the opportunity to benefit from a free and unrestricted internet. Dutch VPN providers are more tolerant than those in other countries and some permit p2p file sharing across via their network. In light of the current crackdown on copyright infringement seen in many other European countries, supplementing your VPN collection with a server in the Netherlands is highly recommended. Though illegal file sharing is not technically permitted by VPN providers, your server will not be monitored and the worst that can happen is a DMCA complaint could lead to a suspension of your VPN account. VPN providers need to look after their own reputations, so they wouldn’t make your personal information public in the event of copyright action. You would be banned from using their services in the future, however.

Wherever you are in the world you can use a Dutch IP address to enjoy the following benefits of using a VPN account:

  • Secure your connection and keep personal data safe from prying eyes.
  • Use a quick, dependable, and secure VPN service to the Netherlands - service to other countries is available on our alternative packages.
  • Unblock sites with geographical restrictions, or view Netherlands-only content when travelling abroad.
  • Access the VPN service from anywhere on the globe just using a normal internet connection.

Thanks to the Netherland’s superb network infrastructure, our standard PPTP VPN service offers remarkably low latency with minimal jitter for users from all over the world: Europe, East Asia, the Middle East, and South Africa. If you need an extremely reliable, easy-to-use service with long-term dependability, our VPN service is the answer to your prayers. With the aid of the professional VPN facilities of one of the Netherlands’ best data centers we can offer users the world over a superb VPN tunneling service. This can be run on a desktop PC, tablet, smartphone, home or office router, or other device instantaneously and for free.

Dutch servers offer unfiltered and uncensored access to the whole of the web, no matter which country the site is hosted in. Users are also protected by the Netherlands’ stringent privacy laws. Using a VPN is perfect for those residing in or travelling in the Netherlands who wish to use a Dutch IP address while also remaining secure and anonymous when surfing using public WiFi hotspots.

Faceless.Me Desktop makes life easier for both Windows and Mac users, by automatically configuring Faceless.Me connections. This greatly simplifies the management of connections. It’s easy to switch between different VPN protocols and Faceless.Me server locations, allowing you to visit any site you want from within the Netherlands. You can also protect and secure your mobile when accessing the internet by using one of the Faceless.Me Mobile Apps, with versions for both iOS and Android. Available from Google Play or Apple App Store, Faceless.Me will keep your personal data safe when surfing unsecured Dutch wireless networks.

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