VPN for Android, a Necessity

Your Android device can now enjoy the benefits of our famous VPN client. Similar to the desktop release, Faceless.me VPN for Android can also give you identity and privacy protection, blocked site access, and anonymity to any site you visit.

Compared to other Android VPNs in the market today, Faceless.me VPN has a wide range of features that you’ll surely love:

  1. Visit any website you want – sometimes, there are websites that you just can’t visit because of your current location. This can be implemented by the government so that they can control the visitors to that website.  However, some website services do implement restricted access as well. If you use Faceless.me, you can ignore these restrictions and go directly to their website. By using a US IP address, you can bypass their filters and visit their sites without any hassle. At the office or at school, the company also puts restrictions on the sites that you can visit. Most of the time, Facebook and Youtube is not allowed. With Faceless.me VPN for Android, you can now enjoy these sites even with their firewalls and restrictions in place. You can literally visit any site you want.
  2. Surf using 3G/4G at lower rates – if you are subscribed to a mobile data service, you probably know by now that they charge you a lot especially when you’re browsing on a foreign country.  If you’re using Faceless.me VPN for Android, you eliminate this problem totally. This is because our VPN has a unique bandwidth compression technology that allows you to get as much as twice the data at the same cost from your mobile data service. The savings are going to be big especially if you’re a fan of video streaming and you frequently visit countries that have high data charges such as Switzerland and Japan. Aside from this, we have a feature where you can view your data usage and savings whenever you connect.
  3. Get a peace of mind from cybercrime – hackers, identity thieves, snoopers, web spies, and botnets are just some of the things you want to protect yourself from when you browse online. They usually target the easy ones, the ones that use unencrypted hotspots. With Faceless.me VPN, you can hide your IP address so that you can protect your personal data.
  4. Safe WiFi Access Anywhere – did you know that when you connect to a public WiFi network, the data that you send over can be monitored and can be viewed by other people? The usual scenario would be you are travelling abroad and you usually connect to airports and hotel hotspots. These are all public networks and there’s always a risk regarding your privacy and your personal data. Actually, even your WiFi network at home can also be at risk. If you use Faceless.me VPN, you are assured that the data you send over is encrypted and cannot be seen by anyone. This prevents hackers from getting your password and obtaining your credit card information.
  5. Be anonymous whatever site you visit – if privacy is one of your concerns, then you can really benefit from Faceless.me VPN for Android. When we hide your IP address, you don’t have to worry about other people finding out what sites you frequently visit. Your Internet Service Provider has a complete log of your site visits. We don’t keep a log of which sites you visit because we want to give you the best privacy and security whenever you browse online.

What else are you waiting for? Download Faceless.me VPN for your Android now!

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