Using a VPN on Your Mac

There is a common misconception that Mac users do not need to worry about installing security software, as Macs are assumed to be less prone to attack than PCs. The recent infection of half a million computers by the Mac Flash Trojan showed the danger in making this assumption. Even if Macs are more secure than PCs, any computer that accesses the internet is put at risk. Faceless VPN for Mac offers a powerful privacy and security solution to protect your Mac computer. By encrypting both received and sent data, VPN for Mac secures your important personal information: banking and credit card data, instant messages, passwords, and downloads. By arming your Mac with Faceless VPN, hackers will be unable to spy on or intercept your online activities.

Faceless VPN for Mac also provides a private browsing feature that keeps your web surfing activities private. This feature allows you to surf the web via a United States, Netherlands, or Russian IP address, keeping your identity safe and hidden from the prying eyes of online spies, ISPs, and governments.

Further advantages of Faceless VPN for Mac users

In addition to those described above, Faceless VPN offers the following benefits to Mac users:

  1. Override internet filters and unblock sites (Youtube, Facebook, Netflix, online gaming etc.). Faceless VPN for Mac allows you to bypass those irritating filters and firewalls in place at schools and businesses, allowing you to visit any site you want. This includes commonly-blocked sites such as Facebook and Youtube, along with many others.
  2. Use your Mac safely at public Wi-Fi hotspots. When using a Wi-Fi hotspot at a hotel, café, airport or other location, your Mac is vulnerable to security threats. Since public Wi-Fi connections usually lack encryption you could find yourself the victim of an attack by hackers, or your unencrypted data could be intercepted. Using Faceless VPN for Mac arms you against this threat by encrypting your data traffic and utilizing HTTPS encryption to secure your internet connection.
  3. Circumvent location-based restrictions. The authorities in some countries block access to certain websites for their citizens. When using Faceless VPN your computer will appear to have a foreign IP address, allowing you to bypass these location restrictions. This provides the further benefit of allowing access to video and music streaming services that are reserved just for users from the United States. Whether you live in a country subject to location-based restrictions, or you are an American traveling abroad, these features will allow you to access your favorite content anonymously from anywhere in the world.

With all these great features, what are you waiting for? Download Faceless VPN for Mac now!

You can also use our VPN for your iPad

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