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  • Macbook Camera Illegally Accessed Remotely  29/12/2018

    It's like a scene from the movie, Eagle Eye, but it's not just an Artificial Intelligence trying to save the United States. It's a creep who's watching your every move. If you are not familiar with the movie, basically, the AI or the antagonist in the film can watch all our movements through our digital cameras, security cameras, and phone cameras. It's kind of creepy, right? That's a total invasion of privacy and there's nothing we can do about it. It's already happening today in the real world and I guess it's one of the prices of technology.

  • 40 Million Sensitive Credit Card Information Stolen this Holiday Season  27/12/2018

    Yes, it’s the holiday season and everyone is shopping everywhere. It’s like a shopping frenzy and most people burn through their cash in no time at all. Great deals and bargains pop all over the famous malls and retailers. Once cash is burned, people turn to their credit cards. Sadly, for 40 million people who shopped at Target this holiday season, they’ll have to take the necessary measures to prevent credit card fraud and watch out for suspicious activity on their card. Target has been hacked and sensitive credit card information is compromised.

  • Hackers Attack Washington Post to Steal Credentials  23/12/2018

    As a major player in news and media, I wouldn’t be surprised that hackers would try to hack the Washington Post. In the last three years, this attack marks the third time that the company has been the target of hackers. However, this time around, the people at Washington Post believe that the hackers had a specific target in mind. Your guess is as good as mine. It’s the NSA leaked documents courtesy of the whistleblower, Edward Snowden, who has been in the spotlight for the past several months. Everyone wants to see what exactly Snowden has leaked to the Washington Post. This makes the people from the Washington Post think that the United States or United Kingdom government is behind these attacks. Of course, the government desperately wants to get their hands on these leaked documents. They could be big secrets, or it could all be just a bluff.

  • Unblock Facebook and Other Social Media at Work or School through a VPN  20/12/2018

    We all know that Social Media is the trend these days and most people can’t live without them. It has drastically changed the way we communicate with our loved ones and friends. It’s quite faster and more interactive than other traditional ways of communication. You can share your pictures and videos instantly. You can share your thoughts right at this moment. Surely, it has become quite a convenience for us that it becomes addicting. Schools and some work environment see Social Media as a distraction and a hindrance to production. This is why Social Media, like Facebook, is blocked in a number of schools and business companies.

  • Protect Yourself from Online Credit Card Fraud  19/12/2018

    In today’s digital age, we can buy almost anything online. The convenience that it gives us is what makes it very popular. No need to spend time going to various places to get what you want. You can simply order anything you want with a few clicks of the mouse. Usually, we make use of our credit cards when buying online. It’s just so easy because all you need is to enter a bunch of numbers. The problem is that credit card fraud is also rampant because thieves and criminals know that it’s also easy to obtain your credit card information. People should know how to protect themselves from credit card fraud by following these few tips.

  • Dexter Virus Infiltrates POS Systems and Credit Card Machines  18/12/2018

    Is your business safe? You might want to recheck that. If you think P.O.S. systems and credit card machines can’t be infected by viruses, then you’re wrong. Even though it doesn’t look like a normal computer, P.O.S. systems and credit card machines still behave and act like small computers. They also connect to networks and the Internet. This is why they can be targets of online threats such as malware and viruses.

  • NSA Looked for Terrorists in World of Warcraft and Xbox Live  17/12/2018

    When you think you’ve heard it all, you’ll be surprised to hear this next chapter in the NSA surveillance scandal. It would seem that they are not content with all the data that they have gathered through our emails, phone calls, and our internet activities. They have reached places that even I would think is quire ridiculous.

  • After NSA, it's the Police's Turn to Get Cellphone Data  16/12/2018

    When you think it's only the NSA watching you, think again. It turns out that Police are also in the same page with the NSA when it comes to invading our privacy. Evidence shows that the Police are very much interested in Cellphone data.

  • Be a Bit Careful When Running Flash, Adobe Reader, and Java  13/12/2018

    You're probably reading this because surely, you've run at least one of the three items named above on your machine. Well, for starters, Flash is a big requirement these days especially now that most video players online make use of Flash. Thanks to YouTube, everyone needs Flash installed on their machines. There are also so – called “flash” games online. These are point and click games that you do online to pass the time when you're bored at the office or at home. Famous games on Facebook are played through Flash.

  • Hackers Steal from Bank of England  12/12/2018

    This kind of news happens all the time, but most of them never hit the front pages. This time though, it's a different case because it's not just an individual that's been attacked, it's the Bank of England. As an established financial institution, it does attract attention from hackers all around the world.

  • NSA Tracked Five Billion Locations via Cell Phone Everyday  11/12/2018

    Yes, it’s another shocking revelation that makes you want to punch the wall or something. I guess it’s natural for news like these to come out after the NSA leak. These are just details that simply show how the United States was violating our privacy and the privacy of people in another country as well. 

  • 2 Million Social Media Accounts Hacked: Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo  10/12/2018

    If you think that the big names are impenetrable to hackers. You are definitely wrong. Just recently, Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, and Twitter accounts were hacked wide open. Before you continue reading this article, if you have an account on one or all of those sites that I’ve named, then you should consider changing your password and improving your security features. If there’s an option to add and/or update a security question, please do so. Adjust your privacy settings if you can. We’re under attack.

  • Widespread Phone Tapping Reported on German Leader  09/12/2018

    With all the NSA surveillance stories going around, here’s another revelation that just keeps on getting interesting. It was first been reported back in October when German Chancellor’s phone was being monitored by the United States and Great Britain.

  • In 2016, NSA Spying will Cost the United States up to $35 Billion  08/12/2018

    When the news broke out about the widespread NSA Surveillance on the American people, with the help of ex-NSA personnel Edward Snowden, there are very big consequences not just for the American people. There’s also a huge impact on the famous US companies. You have Apple, Facebook, Cupertino, and even Microsoft. This is a statement made by Richard Salgado, which is the director of information security and law enforcement for Google. He made a statement in front of the U.S. Senate panel last November 13. According to him, information flow would be limited because of this news. Data is now unsecure and the end-users will be harmed in the process.

  • AT&T Receives $10 Million Per Year from the CIA for Surveillance Data  28/11/2018

    We’ve heard about the NSA surveillance, now it’s the CIA’s turn. Data that serves as proof of the rampant United States surveillance just surfaced recently. It turns out that the CIA makes use of the famous telecommunications company, AT&T, to help in their surveillance of the American people. The deal was AT&T is to provide phone data such as calls, text messages, and even GPS location data to the Central Intelligence Agency. The surprising thing about it is that it’s all legit. They are approved by court with the belief that it’s for national security.

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