2 Million Social Media Accounts Hacked: Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo

If you think that the big names are impenetrable to hackers. You are definitely wrong. Just recently, Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, and Twitter accounts were hacked wide open. Before you continue reading this article, if you have an account on one or all of those sites that I’ve named, then you should consider changing your password and improving your security features. If there’s an option to add and/or update a security question, please do so. Adjust your privacy settings if you can. We’re under attack.

A famous cybersecurity research firm called Trustware discovered something big. Our personal accounts have been breached with years of keylogging and saving passwords of millions of users of famous email and social media sites. They discovered a big chunk of data that contains endless user information that were obtained illegally from the big names on the Internet. You can also ad LinkedIn to that list. That’s why these big names are now undergoing a major overhaul of their security measure in order to prevent this from happening again.

In total, there were 318,000 user accounts in Facebook that were hacked. For Google, including Gmail, Google+ and also Youtube, since they are all under the same roof, there were 70,000 accounts hacked. Yahoo users reach 60,000 while Twitter users reach 22,000. For the recently breached LinkedIn, there are now 8,000 accounts that were hacked.  Now, you might think there are millions of Internet users all over the globe. You can never be certain if you’re not one of the users of those accounts so I would suggest that you still change your password. It’s better to be safe than sorry, as the old saying goes. Just make sure to keep your new password safe somewhere that you won’t forget. This is a common problem in having a new password.

Good news though for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn followers because they have already informed their users of the breach in their accounts and have requested that they update their password and security settings. By sending a link to their email or alternate email, users were able to change their passwords automatically without any hassle.

The problem right now is we have no idea if they are done with their hacking campaign. Your account might be safe for now, but we’ll never know in the future if hackers might find a way to breach the defenses of the Internet giants. There are a lot of servers out there that were not yet checked, according to John Miller from Trustwave.   

Even if you’ve done everything right when it comes to securing your account, you won’t have that peace of mind since even the biggest names in Social Media and in the Internet can easily be hacked. If you want to have the safest access online, you need to use a Virtual Private Network. VPNs allow you to connect to your email or social media account with a special encryption so that hackers won’t be able to find you. Faceless.me is a VPN that you can trust with its great features that are worth looking into. Next time you post that photo on Facebook, use a VPN like Faceless.me for the ultimate security solution.

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