In 2016, NSA Spying will Cost the United States up to $35 Billion

When the news broke out about the widespread NSA Surveillance on the American people, with the help of ex-NSA personnel Edward Snowden, there are very big consequences not just for the American people. There’s also a huge impact on the famous US companies. You have Apple, Facebook, Cupertino, and even Microsoft. This is a statement made by Richard Salgado, which is the director of information security and law enforcement for Google. He made a statement in front of the U.S. Senate panel last November 13. According to him, information flow would be limited because of this news. Data is now unsecure and the end-users will be harmed in the process.

Just take a look at networking giant Cisco which is based in the United States. They have plans in expanding the reach of their market in China by 2015. Just imagine having China as one of their expansion countries. The growth is worth at least $520 billion. Now, it’s all up in the air because of security concerns. Knowing China, they would not allow any form of US surveillance in their soil. What the NSA needs to do now is to separate themselves from Cisco so that it would not raise any suspicions from the Chinese. Even if this is the case, Cisco’s credibility is still in jeopardy and is somehow tainted. This is just an example of big companies suffering from this NSA incident.

The damage is not limited to big companies as well. You’ll be surprised to hear that it can also extend to us, internet users, who are fans of Google and Apple products. This is all because of the NSA surveillance scandal. Even small businesses and medium-sized companies stand to lose some money because of this incident. This is because the trust that is built by the consumers and other potential customers is in question. Who would think that their data is safe now that the NSA has their hands on almost anything that is online?

This is why Google and Apple are not sitting down on this matter. In fact, they are aggressive to clean their name. Just imagine how many foreign companies are trusting Google and Apple for their services. If all these companies pull out, it will be a big hit on giants like Google and Apple. Now, they are doing all they can to encrypt their data centres to prevent NSA spying on their machines. Their engineering department is in full capacity in order to be sure that the data is safe.

In light of these events, many people are concerned about their security online as they browse the Internet. Many people are resorting to VPNs in order to have a secure connection. Virtual private networks or VPNs can give you secure access while staying anonymous online. No one can monitor your activities and you can be sure that your sensitive information is safe. VPN providers like Faceless.me can help you protect your data and as well as your privacy when browsing online. No need to worry about NSA when Faceless.me can help encrypt your data connection.

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