NSA Looked for Terrorists in World of Warcraft and Xbox Live

When you think you’ve heard it all, you’ll be surprised to hear this next chapter in the NSA surveillance scandal. It would seem that they are not content with all the data that they have gathered through our emails, phone calls, and our internet activities. They have reached places that even I would think is quire ridiculous.

They are spying on famous online gaming portals such as the World of Warcraft, Second Life, and the famous military game, Call of Duty on the Xbox 360. Well, the last one is a game on killing Terrorists but I still don’t see the connection why look for terrorists on these gaming servers.

The document that has surfaced which proved this surveillance method is titled Exploiting Terrorist Use of Games and Virtual Environments. The idea is that these gaming communities are possibly monitored by terrorists since their targets are present there. The NSA took the game seriously as they even have their own “guild” in the game in order to find informants in the community. For those who are not familiar with what a guild is, it’s simply an organized group of players that can interact with one another. In other words, they are being paid by taxpayers to play online video games. Simply amazing.

When you ask if there were any terrorist caught with this surveillance method, the answer is none. There are no evidences that can show that monitoring these games by playing them all day has actually helped in saving lives. There were no arrests made and no terrorist group caught. What a great way to waste the taxpayers’ money.

You should know that the NSA is not alone in this issue. The UK counterpart of the NSA, which is GCHQ, is also involved. When they were questioned about the existence of this surveillance method, they did not confirm but neither denied that they were part of it. They just reassured the people that all their undertakings are legal and strictly authorized. That these steps were reviewed by the intelligence committee and they were all approved. In other words, they approved a bunch of NSA and GCHQ agents to play World of Warcraft on their time at the office.

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