Unblock Facebook and Other Social Media at Work or School through a VPN

We all know that Social Media is the trend these days and most people can’t live without them. It has drastically changed the way we communicate with our loved ones and friends. It’s quite faster and more interactive than other traditional ways of communication. You can share your pictures and videos instantly. You can share your thoughts right at this moment. Surely, it has become quite a convenience for us that it becomes addicting. Schools and some work environment see Social Media as a distraction and a hindrance to production. This is why Social Media, like Facebook, is blocked in a number of schools and business companies.

Facebook Aids in Learning

Many school administrations think that Facebook, along with other type of Social Media like Twitter and Instagram, are mere distractions in the learning process. Since it’s a very quick and easy way to reach out to your friends, that attention of the students are divided and thus, they won’t learn fully from their lessons. What they don’t see is the many advantages that Facebook has when it comes to learning.

Facebook can be used as an efficient way to share out educational materials and information. You can easily share links to online resources, or share documents that can be used for assignments and projects.

With all these benefits, Facebook can really aid in the learning process. It’s all about responsibility and time management. Some students might have a hard time focusing because they are using Facebook too much that it becomes a waste of their time. Facebook should not be totally banned but rather, monitored for responsible usage.

How do they block Facebook?

Business companies and schools can make use of two ways in order to block Facebook, Youtube and other similar sites that can lead to distraction and inactivity. First, they can make use of DNS poisoning. In this case, the ISP or Internet Service Provider for the school or company will edit the DNS of the blocked website. If this happens, anyone who tries accessing that site will be pointed to another page. This page is usually an error page indicating that the page is restricted or blocked. The other method is they can make use of your IP address when connecting and if you’re connecting using school or office resources, you won’t be able to connect to that site.

Unblock Social Media with the Help of VPN

By using a VPN provider such as Faceless.me, you can easily connect to any blocked website that you want. When you use a VPN when you access these sites, you are hidden from the ISP as well as your IP address. They won’t have any idea that you’re connecting to Facebook. Now, you can enjoy all the benefits of the restricted sites. Of course, you have to be responsible enough to balance your time wisely when using Facebook and other kinds of Social Media.

When using a VPN, you are anonymous. You have privacy with the sites you visit, and you don’t have to worry about any censorship in place.

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