Widespread Phone Tapping Reported on German Leader

With all the NSA surveillance stories going around, here’s another revelation that just keeps on getting interesting. It was first been reported back in October when German Chancellor’s phone was being monitored by the United States and Great Britain.

This has been proved by German authorities and that’s the Chancellor, Angela Merkel, resorted to calling up the president of the United States, Barack Obama. According to her, as allies of the USA, they want to have a clear agreement on the different surveillance activities of US intelligence. The phone call to Obama itself was tapped as well, authorities reported. The NSA does really have the balls to sneak into anyone’s business. It doesn’t matter if you’re the president of the country you’re serving.

Further investigation showed that aside from the United States and Great Britain, there were other countries involved in the matter. There were other countries monitoring and gathering intelligence from the German Chancellor. China and North Korea were on top of the list. Who would have thought that the Chancellor Angela Merkel has a lot of fans?

The taps were discovered by German security officials when they investigated signals that were coming from the Chancellor’s Blackberry phone. These signals were present both at the office and at her home. When they tried to trace the signals, they were led back to the countries mentioned. If I was Angela Merkel, I would be very furious as my privacy was invaded and I had no way of knowing it.

Experts speak up as Christopher Soghoian, who is the senior policy analyst at ACLU, said on his Twitter account that this should serve as a lesson for other political leaders. Yes, there were shortcomings when it comes to security but these should have been avoided. It’s a different world out there now and you’ll never know where the threat is coming from. He also added that even if the United States will stop monitoring Merkel’s phone lines, who’s going to stop other countries from doing the same? Obviously, the United States is in the hot seat because of the NSA leak, but it’s also a fact that other countries will simply continue the surveillance if they are not caught. They will continue to find ways just to get vital information. Soghoian suggested that all phone lines should be encrypted. He pointed out that if China, North Korea, and even Russia had the guts to monitor Merkel’s phone lines, this just means that they could also be doing it to the political leaders in the United States. Every one can’t be sure that their lines are secure.

With all these surveillance news, it makes you think if you and your phone lines are safe. You’ll never know who’s watching your online activities. Who keeps logs of all the sites you visit and even the emails that you send. The NSA has their hands on almost anything. The best thing to do now is to get a VPN provider.  A Virtual Private Network Provider can give you encrypted access to the Internet without having to worry about surveillance and monitoring groups. Have the peace of mind to browse online with Faceless.me. It’s one of the best VPN provider around with all features that can guarantee your security and privacy.

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