Protect Yourself from Online Credit Card Fraud

In today’s digital age, we can buy almost anything online. The convenience that it gives us is what makes it very popular. No need to spend time going to various places to get what you want. You can simply order anything you want with a few clicks of the mouse. Usually, we make use of our credit cards when buying online. It’s just so easy because all you need is to enter a bunch of numbers. The problem is that credit card fraud is also rampant because thieves and criminals know that it’s also easy to obtain your credit card information. People should know how to protect themselves from credit card fraud by following these few tips.

Make Use of Virtual Credit Cards

Don’t be confused when it comes to virtual credit cards and real credit cards. They are similar and they work the same way. Virtual cards are safer compared to physical credit cards because they don’t have user information that can be used against you. This makes it perfect in making online purchases since your information can’t be stolen. There’s also the option to have a pre-paid credit card so that you can just add any amount that you want. If that card gets compromised by any way, they can only get the money that’s inside that card and nothing else. Of course, don’t put in a lot of money at first.

Avoid Saving Your Credit Card Information on Online Stores

Many online sites and stores may suggest that you save your credit card information so that the next time you buy something, you don’t have to type in a lot of information. While this may sound very convenient, it’s not a safe practice. Just imagine if that site is hacked, all your information will be available to the hackers. Even though the site is known as a “secure” and “trusted” site, you’ll never know when hackers will find a backdoor to hack that site. It’s still better to be safe than sorry. If you’re having a hard time typing in your information, make it a point to memorize your numbers so that you can be faster the next time around.

Aside from websites, you should not also store credit card information on the applications on your phone and other mobile devices. If your device falls in the wrong hands, your information is compromised along with your credit card account.

Look at Your Bank Statement Monthly

It’s always a good habit to take a look at your bank statement regularly. This will ensure that all your transactions are authorized and there are no fraudulent activities on your card. Even the slightest discrepancies could be a sign that your credit card might be hacked. Check it out via online banking. It’s the easiest way to check your statement. If you notice any transactions that seem suspicious, make sure to report it right away.

VPN and Safety

There’s only one sure way to be safe from hackers and that’s by connecting through a Virtual Private Network. By using an encrypted connection, you are safe from any kind of threat online. You can also preserve your anonymity. Faceless.me is a VPN provider that can help you have safe transactions online using your credit card.

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