AT&T Receives $10 Million Per Year from the CIA for Surveillance Data

We’ve heard about the NSA surveillance, now it’s the CIA’s turn. Data that serves as proof of the rampant United States surveillance just surfaced recently. It turns out that the CIA makes use of the famous telecommunications company, AT&T, to help in their surveillance of the American people. The deal was AT&T is to provide phone data such as calls, text messages, and even GPS location data to the Central Intelligence Agency. The surprising thing about it is that it’s all legit. They are approved by court with the belief that it’s for national security.

With all the reports that came out, there’s an estimate of at least 10 million dollars per year being shelled out to AT&T, right from the taxpayers’ pockets. The irony is that the money from the taxpayers is being used to spy on the taxpayers themselves. This will certainly anger or irritate the people of the United States.

Evidence also shows that the CIA did not really ask for this data, but rather, AT&T volunteered to send out this information to get more earnings in the bank. Surely, this is a good idea for their pockets as they took advantage of the situation.

This plan was approved by the court because of a certain loophole in the law. Aside from that, the CIA would point the finger to AT&T in the end if things go sour.

When asked regarding the difference of their surveillance methods from the NSA, they explained that the NSA takes a lot of time, usually hours per day before they can analyze the data manually since their servers are all around. For the CIA, it’s a much faster pace. This is because unlike from the NSA where they use random data collected, the CIA has specific data in mind. They already have persons of interest wherein they can find valuable information. This is where they can really use the call data, text messages, and even GPS location tracking if they have to. They usually identify certain persons of interest to focus on.

Looking at the big picture, the NSA would still look worse than the CIA. The NSA made use of mass surveillance methods of millions of people, all at the same time. The biggest mistake is that it’s done on the down low. No one knew about it until the whistleblower came out. As compared to the CIA, they did it legally. They have court approved documents to proceed with the surveillance.

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