NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden Lands a Job in Russia

Snowden has been hired by a website in Russia after having granted asylum in the country. According to Snowden’s lawyer, the ex-NSA man will start working this November.

Edward Snowden, aged 30, has become famous for becoming an NSA whistleblower. He revealed details of a wide network of US telephone surveillance.

The company that hired him will not be disclosed for security reasons.

Earlier this year, Snowden was contacted by VKontakte, a major social networking site that competes with Facebook, for a job offer.

VKontakte was created in 2006 by Pavel Durov. He made a public job offer for Snowden through their company’s website. He posted the job invitation to work on their St. Petersburg office. Snowden is supposed to work on data protection. Lately, VKontakte has been under scrutiny by the Russian government in order to have more control online. Because of this, Durov’s house and company headquarters were raided by the authorities. VKontakte is well known in the globe with almost 80 million users, with 47 million Russian users. The main issue with this site is that it’s famous for letting users listen and watch pirated media such as soundtracks and even movies.

Since Snowden’s asylum in Russia has begun, there’s little news on his private life.

His actions have brought up big questions for the US government and they have been under fire. Many countries were involved in this surveillance espionage with the big names such as China, Russia, Germany, and Brazil. Because of this, the US wants Snowden back for him to face trial.

Will a VPN help you avoid NSA Surveillance?

The answer is yes. By connecting through a VPN service, the data that you transfer will be encrypted by the VPN server you are connecting to. It’s like a very secure data tunnel wherein your ISP will not be able to see what data you are downloading or uploading. This means they won’t have any idea what you’re doing. They’ll just know that you’re connecting to a VPN server and see that there’s data traffic.

Internet monitors can easily obtain your IP address when you’re browsing online. However, if you’re connecting through a VPN service, the IP address will be provided by the VPN server if there’s an existing log. That’s why it’s important that you make use of a VPN provider that does not keep logs of your activities and your IP address. You can stay anonymous when you go online with a VPN.

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