Unblock Viber with a VPN Service

Thanks to the Internet, we now enjoy lower phone bills. With the use of famous instant messaging applications such as Viber, we can reach our loved ones anytime for free. These VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) applications has really made an impact in how we communicate with our friends and family.

At first, Viber was only exclusive for iPhone and Android users. Eventually, it expanded its reach to other platforms such as the Mac OS, Series 40, Microsoft Windows, Bada, and Blackberry OS. You’ll be surprised to know that as of May 7, 2013, the number of Viber users reached two hundred million.

Aside from instant messaging and making calls, Viber also has the option to send medial files such as pictures, audio, and video. As long as the one you’re sending to has Viber installed on his machine, you can send all the media files that you want. The best thing about it is that it’s all for free! All you need is a good Internet connection, and then you’re all set. This is very useful when you’re trying to reach someone abroad. If someone you want to contact is overseas, the best way to communicate with them is through Viber. Instead of using your mobile phone service, which costs a lot, you can use Viber to rack up the savings.

You may notice the similarity of Viber and Skype. Well, they are similar but Viber has the edge on some aspects. In Viber, you don’t have to register or create a new account. Skype requires all its users to create an account, which can be a hassle. Viber makes use of your phone number for your account, thus, making it very easy for you. In fact, Viber will automatically let you know if the contacts on your phone have Viber or not. If you see a Viber icon beside their name, it means they have the application installed.

Another great thing about Viber is the call quality. For a free service, it really means a lot. Now, you don’t have to worry about international rates for your mobile phone service provider. You just need a data connection. Because of this convenience, mobile phone service companies made a drastic move in order to stay competitive. They blocked the use of Viber in their country. Some Internet providers also blocked the use of Viber in an effort to boost their income from international mobile services.

In the Middle East, a lot of countries already blocked Viber. Saudi Arabia is among the countries that restricted Viber. It turns out that Saudi officials want to monitor these messaging services. Viber doesn’t want its data to be monitored because privacy will be lost. Many users would not want that. That’s why Viber has become restricted in Saudi Arabia. However, people are unaware of the solution to this problem. A VPN service can help you to unblock Viber, wherever you are. Even in Saudi Arabia.

When you access Viber through a VPN service, you can choose from what country you are accessing it from. If it shows that your IP address is from the US, Viber will be unlocked. It’s that easy and simple. Regardless if the country you are in is blocking Viber services, with the help of VPN, you can change your IP address and make use of Viber anytime.

This just shows how helpful VPN is. If you’re in a situation wherein you can’t access sites and make use of applications, such as Viber, a VPN service will definitely help you. Now, you can go to any country you want without any worries of having blocked sites and applications.

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