Do You Trust Your VPN Provider?

So you got a USA VPN provider to make sure that your online activities are safe and secure. But are you sure that your own VPN provider does not eavesdrop on you and in the process defeat the very reason why you got the provider in the first place? Simply said, do you trust your VPN provider?

This concern is a valid one considering that since you are connected to your provider’s network, you have virtually opened up your whole online life to their servers. And granting that they have so little time to even mind what you are doing online, are you confident that your provider really means it when it says you are now sporting a United States IP?

Defeating the purpose

USA VPN providers are in the business of providing internet security to their customers so generally, you have all reasons to trust them when they say they will provide you with a new IP address to mask your existing ones. However, this is not an absolute rule and sad to say, there are VPN providers that keep track or even log your online activities and the time you spend online.

Don’t be fooled when they tell you that this is needed so they can make sure that you are not exposing their network to anything illegal or damaging. After all, you got their services exactly to keep your online activities secure and that includes security from their prowling eyes.

How to choose a USA VPN provider you can trust

It is thus important to choose a reputable VPN provider in the US that will keep your online activities as private and as secure as possible, even from them. The main reason why you got them in the first place is to provide these two things so if they cannot guarantee your online security and privacy then what’s the use of getting a VPN?

You already have enough to worry about, given the number of unsecured wireless internet connection you probably connect to at different times of the day so why add to your worries by getting a provider that could not guarantee its services?

If your USA VPN provider keeps tab of what you are doing online and logs your activities, then that provider may be your weakest link to online security.

This should get you really wired up about the reputation of your VPN provider. Before you sign up, make sure you know what the company stands for especially when it comes to providing security and privacy to their customers. This becomes more of a concern for free providers of VPN since they have to make money somewhere along the line to keep their companies running. So better ask yourself or better yet, ask the company how they benefit from giving you a free VPN service?

But don’t be content with any information they will provide you. Make sure you do some research on the company and if possible, ask other customers who have availed of their services. Your efforts will pay off and will either yield some stellar reviews and reputation for the company or some bad reports from customers who got turned off with the quality of service they have been given.

Faceless.me VPN does not keep track of any of your online activities. It does not have any kind of log that monitors what you do when you connect online. It is safe to say that your privacy and security is guaranteed with Faceless.me. Browse online with confidence with our VPN services.

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