Google Searches are Public, Unless You Use a VPN

With today’s Internet age, there’s always a big privacy risk. Being anonymous can be quite difficult as anything can be traced by using your IP address. We’ve just found out with the help of our research team something very important that everyone should know. Since almost everyone is using Google to search for just about anything, this is a very urgent matter. Did you know that your Google searches are public and can be associated with your IP address? This means what you look for online can be readily available to anyone who knows how to get that public information.

Many companies pay a huge amount of money to track Internet users and their behaviour online. This is how they get their data on users so that they’ll adjust their marketing strategy appropriately. These data can even be sold to other companies as well. However, Internet users are not really mindful about these things because the trackers are doing a very good job in keeping a low profile.

Our discovery is quite surprising. We’ve learned that one website has shown to give out public search traffic. This means anyone with an Internet connection could learn about your Google searches, if he or she just knows where to look. This is a website tracking service that we will not name for security purposes.

What this website does is that it keeps track of different URLs, referring URLs, and your Google Search queries for a selected site. After this, it compiles a list of all the search queries and referrals, including the IP address of the one who made the query. These pages are properly indexed so that you can easily search any IP address along with the query and other websites visited.

Simply put, it is one page where you can search your IP address, or your friend’s, and you’ll find out what he just typed in Google. That’s a very big privacy risk right there with very huge consequences.

Internet users would surely want this site to be shut down. However, that is not the best solution. This is because if you think about it, there could be tens, and even hundreds of other websites out there that also track these data. Most of these data could be kept private by the sites. However, who knows when they’ll make it public for everyone to see. Aside from that, hackers could easily get through and get the data for themselves. They can easily sell off these data to big companies who need it for their own profit.

If you think that using a private mode on your browser will help, it doesn’t. It does not hide your IP. The only solution is to make use of a VPN, or a virtual private network. When you connect using a VPN, your IP address is hidden from anyone else. The VPN is like a tunnel where no one sees what goes in and what goes out. Privacy is guaranteed with the use of a VPN.

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