Apple Says They Did Not Help NSA

Apple has been in the front lines when it comes to privacy issues and concerns and their legal team makes sure that the blame won’t be put on them. However, it’s surprising that with all this press, the fact remains. iOS products were easily used in the Operation DROPOUTJEEP of the NSA.

To give you a backgrounder on what the DROPOUTJEEP can do, here’s the facts. First of all, it is proud in having a 100% success rate whatever the case. Keep this in mind. It never fails as it is known to hack your device no matter how updated your iOS platform is. The security fixes and update does not protect you from DROPOUTJEEP.

You will be surprised how the operation works on your favorite Apple smart phone. First, it can read through your SMS messages. Whatever text message you have in your phone, either inbox or sent items, it can be monitored and remotely viewed. Second, there’s screen grabbing wherein a screenshot can be taken at any time without your knowledge. Whatever you have on your screen at that moment, it can be saved and viewed by others. Third, your contacts can also be accessed, which is also known as contact surfing. All the contact info found on your phone is compromised. The fourth one will surprise you as you might have seen this only on television. It can turn your microphone on even if it’s turned off. They can hear your every voice or any sounds surrounding your phone. As you can see, this can really come in handy when it comes to catching terrorists and preventing terrorist attacks. However, it can also be used abusively in a way to invade your privacy.

If you think your camera is safe, think again. Your camera can be remotely operated anytime. They can instantly know where you are by taking pictures of your location, and also through GPS tracking. Your voicemail can also be compromised even if the voice message is not saved on your device. Come to think of it, your phone is the ultimate surveillance tool for terrorists. I think they should give these away to terrorists, for free. With all these capabilities, it’s quite easy to prevent any form of terrorist attack as long as you know where you’re looking.

Of course, Apple denies any notion that they helped the NSA have access on their products. The reality is, even if Google and Apple hires the top programmers and software developers in the world, the NSA still gets the pick of the litter from the top schools like MIT and Harvard. Whatever talent Apple and Google gets, it’s only second when it comes to government hired graduates that gets to work in the NSA, CIA, and FBI.

To be safe from any kind of malware attack such as from the operation DROPOUTJEEP, you should never trust downloads from unknown venders. Always update your firmware whenever you can. And, you can try using a VPN service provider when you connect online. You can stay anonymous and safe from hackers when you make use of a VPN such as Faceless.me.

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