VPN in Croatia: Bypass Censorship and Limitations

Let’s face it. There are just content that is exclusive to some countries. There are websites that are blocked when you get on a certain country. If you are visiting Croatia sometime soon or in the near future, then you should not miss out on any country limitations that they are imposing. Make sure you can still access your favorite websites when you visit Croatia. You simply need to make use of a VPN provider in Croatia and connect to our US or Russian server in order to access the content and sites that you want.

Background on Croatia

Croatia is known to have a growing economy. Their rate of Human Development Index is very high and this is a good sign for their growth as a country. The leading sectors in the country are the Tourism and Service sectors. They are the key drivers for Croatia’s economic growth. The country as a whole is has an above average level when it comes to Internet usage. More than 70% of the people in Croatia can access the Internet. This is why it is more important to have a VPN provider in Croatia that can help you get access to all the sites that you want, without worrying about any limitations and restrictions.

Location Restriction in Websites

Many websites nowadays are making use of location restriction methods in order to protect their content and make it exclusive to their chosen audience. For instance, an online US streaming site only wants to cater to people from the US, they can do that. If you’re in Croatia for a trip and you want to access a location restricted site in the US, you won’t be able to watch your favorite show while on your trip.

The idea behind this is that they are taking a look at the IP address of the person accessing their site. If they identify that you’re not from the US, then you will be blocked from the site. This technique is not limited to streaming sites but you can also find this technique being implemented in banks and other e-commerce portals. Guess what? You also can’t go shopping at your favorite online store in this case while you’re on your trip.

The main problem with this technique is that you can’t expect everyone to access Internet from one single country all the time. Many people travel for business and for pleasure. This is why it’s important to find ways to work around this location restriction. The best way to bypass this restriction is to access a US based VPN in Croatia. While you’re on your trip, a VPN provider from the US can make sure that you can still have access to your favorite sites. Faceless.me has VPN servers in the US, Netherlands, and Russia. This means if there are sites exclusive to these countries, you can easily access them with the help of the VPN provider.

A VPN provider like Faceless.me will also help you have a much more secure browsing experience. All your personal information and data is safe from hackers and thieves since all connections through a VPN server are encrypted.

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