VPN in Costa Rica: Why You Need One

Are you visiting Costa Rica any time soon? Then, having a VPN in Costa Rica might be a good idea. If you don’t know it yet, there are websites and online services that restrict and limit the people connecting to their site if you’re not from an allowed country. In the United States, this is quite common in websites especially when it comes to streaming shows and sports events.

Background on Costa Rica

While Costa Rica is known to be a democratic country, internet censorship is somehow a big deal. If you were watching the news back in 2012, Costa Rica was in the headlines but it’s not because of their wonderful climate or their tourist spots. It’s about their Internet censorship. However, don’t be surprised if you won’t be able to read about it online and even in forums. This is because journalists along with other bloggers are not allowed to speak in a negative light regarding the government’s censorship methods.

Location is Key: Change Your Country with a VPN in Costa Rica

The trend for websites these days is that they make sure that only people that they allow can access their content. They do this through a simple location restriction technique that will screen for people who are connecting from other countries. Just an example, you have a US Netflix account and you’d like to watch a movie while you’re on vacation in Costa Rica. Netflix won’t certainly allow you to view their content as you use the hotel’s WiFi in Costa Rica. They only want to serve their customers in the United States. Looks like you won’t be able to watch a movie as you rest in your vacation.

You might ask yourself, how do they find out if you’re from another country? It’s actually quite simple. When you connect online, you have a unique IP address that can identify which country you’re connecting from. Once the website finds out that you’re not from an allowed country, you will be denied access. Many banks and online stores in the US also make use of this technique in order to make sure that their servers won’t be filled with people from other countries.

As you can see, the main problem with this method is that people on trips, regardless if it’s a business trip or a long vacation, won’t be able to access their online streaming sites, their bank statements, and even some ecommerce stores. However, if you have a US based VPN provider in Costa Rica, then you will still be able to enjoy the benefits and services of your chosen sites. You don’t have to miss your favorite show just because of location restriction implemented by the website. A VPN can help you change countries with ease. Faceless.me is a great VPN provider with servers in United States, Netherlands, and in Russia. A VPN can also protect you from hackers and digital thieves since all your connections through a VPN provider is encrypted and secure. Your anonymity as you browse your favorite sites is intact. In short, a VPN in Costa Rica has a lot of benefits that you can’t ignore.

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