VPN in Colombia: Don’t Miss Out on Your Favorite Websites

While the Internet can be accessed almost anywhere, some websites are not accessible in some places. There are countries that block access to certain sites and the government is usually behind it. On the other hand, some websites also restrict access from other countries in order to provide exclusive content to the people that they want. This is just a reality that we have to live with it when it comes to the Internet. Well, everything is fine if you’re not going anywhere, like abroad. For instance, if you are going to Colombia anytime soon, then you might encounter some problems in accessing your exclusive sites back at home. In the US, many sites prevent access to outsiders such as Netlfix and Hulu. A VPN in Colombia will surely come in handy to help you get access to the sites that you want. The Internet has become part of our daily lives and who says we can’t visit our sites while on a trip to Colombia?

Background on Colombia

Did you know that the number of Internet users in Colombia has the largest number of growth in Latin America? It would seem that Internet users in Colombia are loving the Internet more and more, each day. Back in 2009, the number of connections to the web from Colombia reached two million. That was 5 years ago. Just imagine how big it is today. A VPN in Colombia would certainly come in handy these days with the large number of Internet users in the country.

What’s note worthy about Colombia is their Internet Campaign which is called Internet Sano. In their language, it simply means healthy Internet. It is their way of educating the internet users in their country on the proper and decent ways of using the Internet. Penalties are imposed for those who will not comply with the campaign. Most of the sites that are blocked are adult entertainment sites including the ones with child pornography. The latter is also illegal in Colombia. However, aside from these government blocked sites, there are also sites in the United States and other countries that limit the countries that can visit their site, in this case a VPN in Colombia will be useful.

Location Restriction in Websites

Many websites, especially in the United States, make use of location restriction in their sites. This is done in order for them to make the content on their site exclusive to their patrons, in this case, the people in the United States. What they do is they take a look at the IP address of the computer you are using as you try to access their site. If the IP is from an allowed country, you will be able to enjoy the content of the site. If your country is not allowed, then you would probably get an error message saying that you don’t have permission.

A VPN in Colombia that connects you through VPN servers in the United States, Russia, and even Netherlands can help you access the content that you want. Through an encrypted and secure connection, a VPN service provider can make it seem that you are connecting from one of the countries mentioned above. Faceless.me is an awesome VPN service provider with tons of features that you can enjoy as you access all the sites that you want.

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