VPN in Canda: Why You Need a VPN

The problem with the Internet these days is that you can’t really access any website you want. At first, you may feel that you can get anything you want from the Internet. However, the reality is that there’s still some content that you can’t access. Sometimes, this content could simply be a music video of your favorite artist, but the country decided to restrict it to their location. That can be a bigger problem if you need certain content for your work or business. What if you’re visiting another country, like Canada? Canada has great sceneries and tourist spots, but how can you be sure that you can access all your favorite sites while you’re away from home?

The solution is a VPN in Canada. Faceless.me has servers in the United States, Russia, and Netherlands. You may be able to access the content that you are looking for as you connect through Faceless.me’s servers.

Internet in Canada

The harsh truth is, even though Canada is just beside the US, the quality of their Internet connection is not the same. In fact, Canada has some issues with their Internet connection.

Canada is a first world country and a great thing about their Internet is that they don’t have much restriction and censorship when it comes to browsing online. Websites can be accessed easily without any problems. The only issue in Canada is that using the Internet in Canada can be quite expensive as compared to other developed countries.

In comparison, Canadians are like accessing Internet similar to those who live in Third World Countries. There are certain bandwidth limits that prevent users from enjoying all the content such as online streaming. If you like to have more video content, you’ll have to upgrade your plan which will be very costly. Add the fact that the competition among ISPs in the country is little, you’ll find overpriced Internet service connections.

If you’re visiting Canada anytime soon, you must be prepared for this connection problem, as well as the location restrictions that your chosen site may have placed.

Location Restriction: Why it’s a Problem

Some websites want to offer exclusive content to their chosen countries and that’s why they are preventing other countries from accessing their content. This is logical for them because more connections mean more weight on their servers. This could lead to slower connections for their constituents.

A music video on YouTube could be restricted to the US and you can’t access it while you’re at Canada. This is where a VPN in Canada might be useful. Location restriction in websites work by taking a look at your IP address. If your IP shows that you are connecting from an allowed country, you will be granted access. However, if you are in a country that has restricted access, you won’t be able to view the page.

By using a VPN in Canada such as Faceless.me, you can connect through the US server so that your IP address will show a US-based IP. You will now be able to access the restricted content, such as the YouTube video restricted in the US. Aside from that, a VPN will give you a secure browsing experience without worrying about monitors and even censorship.

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