Samsung’s Flagship Model Galaxy S4 Can be Hacked

Just when you thought you had one of the best smart phones in town, this news goes out. If you just got a Samsung Galaxy S4 as a present or you already have one, you have to know about the vulnerability of this new smart phone.

You can put all the blame to a student from an Israeli university working at a Cyber Security Lab. The lab was working on the Knox architecture which Samsung devices are based on. Ph.D. student Mordechai Guri discovered the hole and was quite surprised with it. He could not believe that a breach exists. Many people are using the Knox architecture and this could spell disaster for Samsung. According to him, they have contacted Samsung about the complete technical details of the breach so that a fix can be done immediately.

As a backgrounder on the Knox architecture, it is supposed to be an extremely secure platform for mobile devices. In fact, it has the highest level of digital security when it comes to cell phones. It’s been offered to government agencies, including the Department of Defense, for all their mobile platforms. If you take a look at the other options in the market, such as iPhone and Blackberry, the Knox seems to be the best bet.

A great thing about Knox is that it comes with a built in VPN, or Virtual Private Network. This means all data connection can be encrypted for safety concerns. The system was so effective that the Pentagon already approved in using the Knox architecture for their smart phones. Since then, it is now becoming an industry standard for governments and IT professionals not just in the US but also in other countries. If the Pentagon trusts the system, then it’s got to be legit right?

However, the vulnerability could not come at a better time. According to Mordechai, the exploit could be used to track and record data communications between phones. The email could also be compromised and a phony email can be sent to all members of the contact list. This could be dangerous if the phone user is a top government official. Confidential information can easily be leaked and that is why the system needs to be improved right away.

Since the Pentagon has approved the system, there are already 500 S4s purchased for the government’s program. Of course, this number is set to increase in just a few months. Samsung better get that hole patched up real quick before the United States government decides to look somewhere else for their flagship privacy program.

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