Enjoy Netflix While You’re in India

You may have heard of Netflix, the famous website based in the United States that lets you enjoy online streaming media right at your computer or gadget. At first, the service was exclusive in the United States. However, with the Internet having a global reach, they expanded their horizons in South America, United Kingdom, the Caribbean, Ireland, Northern Europe, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and even Denmark. However, if you are from India, or just on a trip there, could you resist missing out on your favorite shows and movies? We all know that many people are passionate about TV shows and movies. Your trip to India should not hinder you from enjoying your movies.

How Does Netflix Block India?

Once you arrive at India, try accessing Netflix and you’ll stumble upon a message saying that the content is blocked because of your IP address. This method is famously known as geo-targeting. This simply means that they knew you are in India because of your Indian IP address. For internet newbies, an IP address is like a home address. It identifies where you’re connecting from. For you to access Netflix while in India, you need to hide your Indian IP address.

There are the traditional methods in hiding one’s IP address and this includes Proxies and Private Proxies but there is one problem. The connection through this method is slow. Netflix offers HD movies and TV shows. You won’t be able to get a decent connection with these. You’ll need something more reliable for video streaming. Your best bet would be making use of a trusted VPN service provider in India so that you can unblock the restricted sites such as Netflix.

How Does a VPN Work?

Once you connect through a VPN service provider, or a Virtual Private Network, like Faceless.me, you will have a lot of options. Faceless.me has servers in the United States, Russia, and Netherlands. You can connect through the United States server. Once you are connected, you will have a US IP Address. Now, you can access Netflix without any worries, and with all the bandwidth required. The idea is that you are passing through our servers so that the website, such as Netflix, won’t be able to detect where you are really connecting from. Isn’t that great?

Aside from this amazing feature, a VPN also has a lot more to offer. Essentially, a VPN can guarantee you of a private and secure connection. Once you connect through any of our servers, it’s like passing through a safe tunnel of data without any outside interferences. Internet monitors won’t be able to see the data passing through. No one will be able to find out your browsing activity. You can stay anonymous online with the help of a VPN service provider. It’s safe to assume that you can now access all the restricted sites in India with the help of a US IP address. Of course, if you’re looking for content restricted in Russia, then you would need to use our Russian server. It’s all about finding the right server that grants access to your desired website.

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